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Amanda OrlandoAugust 27, 201916 min

Do you love getting sucked into an Instagram wormhole of design pics and aspirational home decor ideas? Me too! So many incredible design trends have cropped up in 2019, and I’m totally on board. We’re seeing a major shift from the crisp, minimalist, white, rose gold, and marble look of the last few years to one that is coming in hot and bold, with plenty of colour, texture, and pizazz.

In this list, I’ve highlighted my favorite design ideas, many from the Pinterest 2019 trend forecast. I love that these are not only trends to swoon over, but ones you can implement in your own home. I hope this list inspires you to take a risk and try something new.

Black framing

Black frames can add a sharp finishing touch to any room in your home, and can be incorporated into a wide variety of design styles. They add a thoughtful confidence to the room, especially when highlighting a feature like large windows or a shower door. If you want to achieve this style but don’t have the budget to swap out window frames or other hardware, try creating a gallery wall with crisp black frames to achieve a similar effect.

Bookmatched marble/stone

Bookmatching marble or other stone is to align the grain and veins of the material so that it appears as a mirror image. This highlights the natural texture and flow of the stone, and looks grand and luxurious. Try this look in your bathroom where you may have the space to do a feature wall in the shower.

Black and gold fixtures

We’re no longer limited to brushed or polished chrome when choosing bathroom and sink fixtures. Gold fixtures can look soft and elegant, while black can add an industrial feel.

Unique wallpaper

This is not the wallpaper of 30 years ago; it’s come a long way in style, scale, and personalization. No half-wall-with-a-border in sight. Wallpaper can be used on an accent wall or across the whole space, it just depends how daring you want to be and what makes most sense with the amount of light and other features in the room. Hand painted wallpapers, ones that are custom made to fit the flow and shape of the space, and mural-like designs can add a lush finish. Nature reigns supreme as one of the most popular themes, with leaves, lemons, flowers, and tropical-inspired prints.

Eccentricity and maximalism

Unexpected and unusual accents such as artwork, pillows, blankets, and tchotchkes can add so much interest and uniqueness to a space. Do you collect items on your travels? Have a favorite photographer or sketch artist? Do you love wacky textiles, or big coffee table books? Spend some time curating the items that best showcase your personality and experiences. Display them on your mantel, wall, coffee table, or bookshelves to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Bold colour

Don’t be afraid to be vibrant. Create an accent wall with wallpaper or paint, or refinish a hand-me-down piece of furniture with fresh and bold paint or upholstery. If you’re feeling timid about committing to a whole wall, couch, or other piece of furniture, edge out of your comfort zone with an ostentatious lamp or some punchy florals. Once you see how much it brightens and livens up your space, you’ll be keen to layer on the colours.

Geometric and abstract shapes

Matisse cut out-inspired prints, vibrant contrasting tones, colour blocking, and pop colour line drawings are all swoon-worthy art styles that have recently gained popularity. You’ve likely seen splashes of “Gen Z yellow” (bright and optimistic yellow) on style boards, in clothing and other products. But geometric and abstract touches don’t always have to be bright. Check out the serene beige example above. Try adding this trend to your home with artwork or wallpaper, or if you’re very skilled with a paintbrush, make it more permanent.

Indoor gardens

Indoor gardens add life, levity, and lusciousness to any room they adorn. Accessories don’t always have to be objects or artwork; plants are gorgeous and can really make a space come alive. Choose plants that work with the amount of natural light you have, and be realistic about the level of care you can give. If you know you’ll forget to water them, try air plants, succulents, cacti, or other low maintenance foliage. If you can dedicate more time and attention, why not go for a tall tree like a fiddle leaf fig, to really make a statement? Placing pots in baskets makes them a bit easier to slide around and is softer on floors. Layer in texture with different types of pots and plant holders.

Which of these trends do you like best? Share it in the comments!

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