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Get inspired by pink, yellow and orange

Amanda OrlandoNovember 7, 201915 min

Not just for Spice Girls fans. Pink and yellow especially are having a big moment, with orange making welcomed guest appearances. They’re bright and optimistic colours that spark joy, and feelings of positivity and empowerment. They are reminiscent of lighter times and convey a sense of nostalgia. It’s no wonder so many body positivity, female empowerment and other inclusive, progressive groups and companies have adopted these colours for their branding and social media in recent years.


In the home, these colours are not just trends. Depending on your styling, they can be classics too. Shades can range from powerful, candy-coloured pops, to soft, elegant pastels. I, personally, am happy to welcome colour back after so many years of neutrals reigning supreme.

Let’s look at some examples of how others have integrated pink, yellow and orange into their homes.


The bathroom or powder room can be a fun place to play around with ambitious colours. Its small size compared to the living room or bedroom, for example, makes it the ideal petri dish for experimentation. Below are two entirely different approaches to pink in the bathroom. One is delicate, intricate, soft, and elegant. High end finishes and pastel pinks and yellows come together to create a luxurious place to apply your makeup. In the other, bright, bold pink is contrasted with a blue-hued red, and pops of natural greens. It’s exciting, fun, and nostalgic, and makes me wish I had held on to my hot red lips phone from the late 90s. The light burnt orange walls outside the washroom provide a beautiful frame.


Nooks and dens

It can be difficult to give purpose to modest nook and den spaces, which is why people often refer to these areas as wasted space. They may be too small to hold a chair or shelf, but too large to leave unfurnished. So why not turn that unfinished nook or den into a cute, intimate space that you will want to look at and spend time in? Colour can bring rooms to life. This designer has used light pink in a brightly lit nook, creating texture with curtains, a rug, and other fabrics. Touches of pale mesa oranges, cream, sky blue, and a hint of yellow in the painting, round out the colour scheme.


Statement furniture pieces

Revamp a tired piece of furniture with fresh new hues. A coat of paint can completely alter the mood of a space or item. Change your grandparents’ hand-me-down headboard or dresser from that glossy, cherry stain that darkens the room, to a joyful and refreshing shade of pink or yellow. Notice how each of the pink and yellow pieces below are accented by the opposite colour? A tower of lemons, a unique piece of art—the ways to compliment pink with yellow, and vice versa, are endless.


Kitchen cupboards or backsplash

The kitchen might seem like an ambitious place to try out new colours, because we think of it as a static design that does not change until the next renovation a decade later. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Kitchens can be tweaked over time to adapt to trends and changes in your personal style and preferences. Cupboards can be sprayed (if you don’t know how to do this yourself, spring for a professional), backsplashes replaced, artwork and books moved around, and so much more. The examples below are larger scale changes, but if you aren’t ready for that level of commitment, try placing a bright bowl of lemons and bananas in the center of your island, accented by a stack of pink-spined cookbooks on a shelf or in the corner of the counter.

Get inspired by pink, yellow and orange

Bedroom and living room

With so many textiles and accents in a bedroom or living room, there is plenty of opportunity for colour. Bedding, pillows, throws, sheets, artwork, books, lighting. The designer below (bedroom) has used beautiful, bright, textiles in shades of burnt yellow, baby pink, and deep purple. I like that they are young and fresh but still luxurious. Touches of gold and natural fibers add to the luxe feel. In the living room image, nearly all accents are complementary shades of baby pink and golden yellow, on a backdrop of bright white. It’s open and clean, but still cozy and inviting.


What do you think about adding touches of pink, yellow and orange to your home? In which room do you best envision them?

Disclaimer: FCT does not claim ownership or copyright for the images showcased above.

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Amanda Orlando

Freelance writer and photographer living in Toronto. She is the author and photographer of two cookbooks, Everyone’s Welcome (2019) and Allergen-Free Desserts (2015).

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