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The latest and greatest smart appliances for 2020

Mary ChapmanNovember 7, 20196 min

The smart appliance industry is going to reach $37.2 billion by 2020. That means we are bound to see a new wave of smart tech we just can’t live without. Here is what you can expect to see popping up in more homes in 2020.

Steam ovens

One of the biggest appliance trends you’ll see more of in 2020 is steam ovens. These smart appliances let you get the health benefit of steamed foods without the use of pots of boiling water.

Microwaving, baking, frying and grilling food can destroy many nutrients in your veggies such as vitamin C and folate. This smart tech lets you keep these beneficial nutrients because food is cooked with hot steam instead of dry heat.

Plus, because steam makes for a moist cooking environment, you won’t have to add oils to your dishes.

Another benefit of steam ovens is that they have a smaller interior cavity than regular ones. You can pre-heat the oven and cook your dinner in record time which also results in spending less money on your monthly energy bill.

Smart fridges

No longer just cold spaces to store your perishables, modern refrigerators help you stay organized and save money.

How? You can sync your fridge to your phone through an app.

It will tell you when filters need to be changed, when food is about to expire, and what grocery items you need to buy. This means you won’t buy items you don’t need and you’ll throw out fewer items that have spoiled.

You can peek at your contents without opening the doors and wasting energy thanks to transparent touchscreens.

Some smart fridges even have voice support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Others have a built-in tablet. It can look up recipes on Pinterest, shuffle your favorite playlist, track your family’s schedule for the week and display your latest family photos.

The inside of a smart fridge is just as clever. With adjustable shelves, your contents will have no trouble fitting, no matter the size. More compartments and dividers mean better organization for your food so you can find what you need without pulling everything out.

Smart stove

Like the smart fridge, a smart stove will have Wi-Fi connectivity. You can use Alexa, Bixby or Google Assistant to control your stove via voice. Or, you can control the appliance from the app.

On your way home from hockey with the kids? Preheat the oven with a couple of clicks. That way, you can throw in a frozen pizza the moment you get home.

The new advances in technology mean that you can heat and cook food faster and more evenly and still use less energy.

Robotic vacuums

Yes, robo vacs have been out for a few years. But we’ve all heard horror stories about the deafening noise they produced and how they’d incessantly slam into the baseboard non-stop until someone finally pushed the off button.

But, now, smart vacuums no longer have to rely on bump-and-go navigation. Using lasers, they map out your home. You can create no-go zones that you want your vac to avoid as well as draw the perimeter of each of your rooms.

Then, you can just say, “Alexa, ask robo-vac to vacuum the kitchen,” and it’s done. A clean floor every day is utterly possible thanks to the advances (and price drops) of smart vacuums.

What other smart appliances do you have in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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