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Amanda OrlandoNovember 28, 201910 min

Bohemian style has a way of transporting you elsewhere; somewhere infinitely comfortable and textured. It makes you want to curl up with a book and a blanket, while burning some sage and listening to a vintage record.

I wanted to find different approaches to boho style that didn’t include the same Moroccan floor pouf and fickle leaf fig tree that we’re so used to seeing on social media. Those things are beautiful, but there are so many other gorgeous aspects of this style of design. What I like about each of the Instagram accounts I’ve highlighted is that they have their own unique interpretation of relaxed, free-flowing, bohemian design.


Jo hits us with impactful, saturated, jewel toned colours and unexpected combinations of patterns. The lounge area with pillows and a draped curtain hanging amongst bougainvilleas? That’s what boho dreams are made of. If you’re unable to grow such a flower in your own yard, let it inspire you to be bold with the plants that are native to your climate and terrain. If you can’t keep pillows and blankets outdoors all the time, try a smaller scale of this look with pillows and blankets that you already own or that you can easily move in and out. Creating a grounded, earthy lounge area can be a wonderful place of repose.


Julieta’s compilation account filled with travel photos and inspired snaps makes me want to pick a point on a map and pack my bags tonight. She shares the most unexpectedly whimsical scenes that inspire imagination and creativity, from so many talented designers and photographers. They are unafraid of colour, layers, and unusual materials, oftentimes clashing in the most alchemical way. If ever you wanted proof that taking a chance on that statement colour is a good idea, just visit her page and take a scroll. You’ll undoubtedly end up finding 10 new accounts to start following for more design inspo!


The consistent warm glow of Fridlaa’s pictures makes me want to put on something grey and cashmere and brew a cup of coffee. What I like about her style, and what could be translated into someone else’s home, is that every item in her space feels intentional. It’s comfortable and livable but not cluttered or busy. It’s the type of apartment where you wouldn’t feel guilty for leaving a rumpled blanket on the couch, and it wouldn’t even make the space look messy. It’s very inviting, and I appreciate how the sunshine picks up the golden tones she has chosen to play with.


At first glance, Tanya’s style seems very simple, minimal, and black and white. But upon closer inspection there are so many details; tenderly chosen materials and accents, and quirks that emit personality. For example, she added a watercolour rainbow to her children’s’ room that was just faintly noticeable initially. It’s flanked by unicorn busts and a cloud lamp, bringing the free-spirited, wondrous theme together. It reminded me that there are so many ways to apply colour to a wall, and that the amount and saturation can change the mood entirely.

Do you ever return from your travels and wonder how can you possibly integrate the beautiful pieces you bought on your trip into your home? Take a wander over to Sara’s page. I love that her style feels achievable. It’s not specific to a certain architectural style or locale; it’s something you could apply to an apartment or a suburban home for a profound transformation. Exposed brick and arches and 15-foot windows are not required to create a bohemian oasis. She adds height with wall hangings, plants, and lighting fixtures.

Personally, I love when people incorporate vintage, artisanal or homemade items, or esoteric pieces acquired during travels into their home. What type of home décor inspires you?

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