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Effortlessly Cool Southwest Desert Vibes

Amanda OrlandoDecember 31, 20197 min

There’s something eternally cool and effortless about southwestern style. It’s that Cali cool, relaxed, warm sand, free spirited vibe that makes you want to create and cultivate.

In this post we’ll explore some of the coolest elements of what makes southwest style so aspirational, and inspirational.


What immediately catches the eye: Golden hues, geometric shapes, bold design and colours, inviting aesthetic, and a feeling of nostalgia.

Selene’s Texas abode is home to some truly wonderful geometric wall art. She combines dusty pink, mustard yellow, white, and black, in a really funky and fun way, accented by big green leaves and unique artwork. It’s an esoteric escape that feels free-spirited and also well put together simultaneously. Her home feels very accessible. I love that in a post she showed the brick that is being used as a leg on one of her fabulous velvet chairs. It’s something that I think a lot of us can relate to; those finishing touches that are sometimes left undone, but still allow the space to be enjoyed.


What immediately catches the eye: yellow VW van, cacti, fluid indoor/outdoor living and dining spaces, yoga, and the feeling of wanderlust.

Scrolling designer Sara Combs’ Joshua Tree House account makes one long for red sand and multiple cacti in their backyard. The home and its surroundings are stunning. Sara is not only a wearer of fabulous hats, but knows how to create an intimate, welcoming space. Not only does she bring elements of nature indoors (like the colour palette, for example), much of the house feels fluidly indoor-outdoor, due to the large windows, sliding doors, and outdoor lounge space.

If this space looks like a place where you’d like to reset and relax, you can learn more about it here.


What immediately catches the eye: burnt orange velvet, wildly brilliant snake mural, natural fibers, and string lights.

This home’s style borrows colours and textures from the natural landscape in which it is situated. And it appears to be situated in quite an isolated place, with plenty of open desert surrounding it. The stars painted onto the bright blue tiles in the kitchen remind one of the spurs on a cowboy’s boots. A favorite detail is the hanging, dried brush plant in the bedroom that dangle directly above the headboard of the bed, flanking the white paper light, on either side. If you love this space go ahead and book it on AirBnB!

Conclusions: the peacefulness and beauty of the desert make it a haven for free-spirited individuals, where unique artistic homes stand undisturbed, and cacti accent the outstanding form of canyons and red rocks. Time to book a vacation.

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Freelance writer and photographer living in Toronto. She is the author and photographer of two cookbooks, Everyone’s Welcome (2019) and Allergen-Free Desserts (2015).

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