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Jessica GalangJanuary 30, 20203 min

Five Canadian real estate firms have called on Canadian governments to implement consistent building regulations and requirements for disclosing energy and carbon data. Why? Because energy benchmarking and data transparency programs can help set performance baselines, identify efficiency opportunities, reduce GHG emissions, and meet environmental targets.

Buildings contribute almost 40% to global carbon emissions — existing AI technology (like energy management platforms) can help reduce building energy output by 30-40 percent across Canada. Rethinking how residential building energy management can contribute to climate rescue is a necessary element of reimagining our urban settings and meeting climate goals.

As the general population becomes more aware of carbon emission and its impact on the environment, more and more companies are responding by finding energy-efficient ways to do business. The real estate industry is also doing its part to create new builds that are more eco-friendly. The increased complexity and the demand for smart buildings that include lighting, electrical and digital controls have pushed builders, and other stakeholders to change the way they find and use materials to build.

One important focus for change has been the demand for more transparency in the environmental and material health impacts of products. Manufacturers are being pushed to provide products that are more friendly to the environment, more carefully sourced, and more healthy.

As the environmental impact of buildings continues to be a focus for builders, manufacturers and buyers, consistent governmental standards are expected to become more widespread and eventually the norm.

Entrepreneur and condo energy management expert Brad Pilgrim offers important information on the significant impact buildings are having on the climate and why carbon data transparency is so critical in 2020.

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