BusinessTeam effort: how to inspire your team to reach your goals

Mary ChapmanFebruary 27, 20205 min

Your team is your most important asset. Without them, your organization could not function. When you leverage each individual’s ability and inspire them to put forth a team effort, your team can be your company’s biggest resource.

Learn how to inspire your people as a team to achieve goals with these top five tips.

1.    Set specific and measurable goals

Your employees need to know what they’re working towards or else they won’t have the level of motivation they need to get it done. Your job as their manager is to set clear, time-bound, realistic goals that are measurable. Your team should be able to see how their daily tasks contribute to the overarching big picture of the company.

2.    Communicate frequently

A big aspect of goal-setting has to do with communicating with team members. There needs to be constant feedback both from you to your team and vice versa.That way you keep your team apprised of priorities and setbacks and you also take time to consistently listen to feedback, ideas and opinions.

Make opportunities for communication regularly, both formally and informally so that everyone on your team is on the same page and moving toward the same goals.

3.    Give positive feedback

Praising your team is such as small and simple thing but can make a big difference in inspiring members to do their best work. Whenever an employee puts in extra effort or makes progress, give them specific and genuine praise. This can be done in front of the group or one-on-one. Remember, if you want your team to work well together, try to reward the whole team as a group when possible. Maybe this means pizza after reaching a milestone or freshly baked banana bread during crunch time. A little motivation and reward can boost morale and re-energize your team.

4.    Recognize unique accomplishments & assign tasks based on skill

Equally as important is to make sure to be aware that each team member brings something to the group. Not everyone is going to be a top performer. Yet there may be people on your team that boost morale with their positive attitude or aid top performers or even do menial tasks that keep the team on track.

Make a point of recognizing each team member’s contributions, no matter how small. Also, whenever possible, assign tasks to the team member that you know is best suited to that task. This way, you best utilize the talents and skills of your group.

5.    Give your team freedom

Nothing kills drive faster than a boss who micromanages their team. The best thing you can do for your people is to outline specific and clear goals and then let them figure out the best way to achieve those goals.

We hope these 5 tips to encourage team effort in your organization help your team succeed. Got any other team tips? Share them with us in the comments.

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