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Amanda OrlandoMarch 12, 202011 min

Retail stores and associated email blasts are officially pushing bunnies, baby chicks, chocolate, and all things linen and BBQ, so I guess it’s time for spring! I don’t mind the cold weather at all, but after scraping salt off my boots for the millionth time this season, I won’t argue with the sunny vibes.

There are endless ways to fold a bit of springy sunshine into your home decor, and as such, your everyday surroundings, without going the pastel-bunnies-with-bows route. The following design ideas surfaced thoughts and memories of positivity, beginnings, and growth, when I encountered them, and I hope they do the same to inspire you.

Fruity Prints

Bringing the fruits of spring into your home can evoke so many different feelings. In the examples here, they are bright and poppy. But if you scroll through fabrics and wallpapers available on Etsy, you can find so many unique and interesting accents to compliment your personal taste and design sense. Watercolour, graphic, pale, vivid, painterly; there is so much to choose from, and at a variety of price ranges. Citrus prints had a big moment last year and I suspect they will continue to this year, seeing as they have the power to make you feel like you’re in the south of Italy when you gaze longingly upon them. And who doesn’t love that? But Wendy from @thekwendyhome makes a seriously strong case for peaches, especially when draped over a bath that I think is best described as gourmet.

Edible Gardens

Truly, nothing says spring more to me than an edible garden. Gardening is one of the highlights of the season; I love when nurseries put out their fresh offerings, leaves start to bud, and there’s a general aroma of rich soil in the air. It’s the feeling of new beginnings. But if you stop by a garden center or grocery store that has herbs or other edible plants before the May 24 “planting weekend”, get an early start on the fun. There’s something so satisfying about cutting fresh herbs, hot peppers, or cherry tomatoes from your own plant. There will not be as many options, but these days nearly every grocery store sells a selection of potted herb or lettuce plants. If you live in a condo, like I do, opt for a single plant, or whatever you can realistically manage in your space. Figure out which varieties are best in the amount of sunlight and heat you have, and give it a try. I think we tend to get caught up with popular plants like air plants, succulent, fiddle leaf figs, and monstera, but there are so many beautiful, edible plants too.

Bring the outside inside

What outdoor imagery comes to mind when you think of spring? Sunlight, greenery, flowers, warmth, maybe rain? Each of those things could translate beautifully into design inspiration for your home. I really loved this example from Natalie Myers. The rising sun is simple and elegant, and so inspired. It feels like an unexpected treat, and plays well with the view of lush trees just outside. It makes you smile just looking at it. To bring the outside in, a simple mural is a great idea, and one that you could execute yourself without being a pro painter.

Make a wreath or door hanging

The door wreath – a classic! Not as popular for spring as the Christmas or holiday wreaths, but equally as capable of adding a little pizazz to your front step. Wreaths are a fantastic DIY project because the materials are so readily available, and you can customize them in so many ways to make it your own. There’s really no wrong way to do it; do what looks best to you. You can start with a foam, woven, or a metal base, and add greenery and flowers (real or fake), sparkle, ribbons, paint, or material. Easter wreaths seem to be very popular, but I like the idea of having a really pretty spring wreath that could stay up all season. And you can get a head start on it now, in winter. It’s an easy indoor craft project, and you can hang it anywhere inside your home before relegating it to the outdoors. Hang it solo or as part of a gallery wall, prop it up on a side table, lay it flat and use it as a table accent or centerpiece.

What inspires you about spring, and how can you use that creative momentum to brighten your home?

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