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Rebecca ChristoforidisMarch 23, 20204 min

With the closure of all schools in Ontario and throughout the country, our children’s access to learning is a genuine cause for concern. Fortunately, there are many resources available that can help keep them engaged and stimulated.

We are invested in our community and have tried to help in a small way by providing you with some useful links that will keep your kids sharp and give them some mental stimulation.

The Minister of Education in his letter to parents included this link to provide access to online learning materials.

The following links may also prove helpful:


Free (paid version also available) online learning portal created by two grade-school teachers. It offers educational games created by teachers spanning multiple grades. Here children can have fun but still keep up with their lessons.


Prodigy offers math games for kids grades 1-6. It is a free platform used by millions of students around the world.


IXL Learning leverages technology to offers educational tools for children and adults.

TVO Kids

Offers educational games, apps and other programming based on the Ontario school curriculum.

National Geographic Kids

It offers fun games and competitions, facts about science, history and geography and fun facts about animals. The site also provides useful information on how to talk to your kids about COVID-19


A virtual platform that allows players to interact with each other. Each game is player-developed and provides the opportunity to learn to code. Here you can build a theme park or become a superhero. This is a  moderated site that ensures the safety of players.

Although our communities are facing challenges right now, it is heartening to see people pulling together. In that spirit, we hope that the links we’ve provided will help to keep your kids informed and entertained.


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