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Rebecca ChristoforidisJune 25, 20206 min

Canada is a vast and wondrous place with many unique vistas but since the middle of March, most of our exploration of it has been confined to the outer edges of our backyard, or for the more adventurous among us, the outer edges of our neighbourhood.

By now many of us are probably eager to expand our horizons. But how? And how far?

It’s probably safe to say that not many are willing to hop on a plane in the immediate future. So what to do with all of that vacation time you’ve saved up?

Go Rving

After giving it some thought, and canvassing the members of my family, we’ve decided to hit the road…in an RV. It seems many other Canadians have a similar idea and for the same reasons. According to Newswire, “Canadians believe RVing is safe, family-friendly, and allows them to explore different parts of Canada.” It is also less risky for maintaining social distancing.

Provincial Restrictions

Now that you’ve selected your ride, planned your route, and packed your bags, don’t forget to find out the rules of each province before you hit the road. Unfortunately, the pandemic that has kept us all close to home, has also impacted the rules of travel—even within Canada. Most of the provinces have strict guidelines for anyone entering so be sure to check before you make your plans.

So while you may not yet be able to take a cultural drive through Quebec, watch whales playing in the Atlantic, climb a mountain in British Columbia, travel the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, or hunt for dinosaur bones in Alberta, you can still travel within your own province and discover (or in our case re-discover) the beauty of northern Ontario or whatever province you call home. (There are several RV campsites along the Trans-Canada highway where you can stop and rest for the night.)

To rent or to own? That is the question…

Now let’s talk recreational vehicles. If you don’t already own one, there is a wide variety of rentals available. You can choose one with all the comforts of home, one that just offers a place to lay your head at the end of a busy day or something in between. There is one to suit every budget and family size. There are also great financing options if you choose to make an investment in a brand new vehicle.

There is no doubt that this summer will be very different from previous ones. There is so much we still can’t do. Thankfully, we can still pack the family into an RV and have a great time exploring the great outdoors—beyond the fence.

See you on the road!

Are you travelling this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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