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Seven budget-friendly ways to decorate your home for the holidays

Summer FanousDecember 8, 20217 min

Switching things up in your home can help keep you in good spirits as temperatures drop and the days get shorter, but there’s no reason to break the bank on seasonal décor. Even a small sum goes a long way when you get creative—start by setting and sticking to your allocated funds and chosen theme. Decorating your home for the holidays on a budget can be easy with these fresh ideas.

Repurposed items

Chances are you have many items hidden in cupboards or closets that aren’t getting much love. A plain glass vase can be elevated in many different ways in minutes with the right tools. Shimmery gold or silver spray paint can be applied to the glass to give it a new look. Acrylic paint is inexpensive, and when mixed with baking soda will give the glass a textured look. Have unused candles? They can add to the holiday look without even being lit.

Natural décor

Go outside and collect pinecones and small branches, and keep them plain or paint them. Many Christmas tree vendors will let you take cut branches off their hands, letting you add a splash of natural colour inside or out. Inside, fill a vase with evergreen branches, tying them together with a wide ribbon that matches your colour scheme. Outside, repurpose a summer planter by sticking the branches into the leftover soil.

Bulk ornaments

They’re not just for the tree—a group of ornaments together always screams “festive.” You can get smaller bulk ornaments cheaply, and mixing even two colours creates a great visual pop. A bit of glue and glitter can easily breathe new life into your older ornaments. Carefully fill large bowls or vases with ornaments and strategically place them around your home. Alternatively, you could string them together to create a festive window display.


A wreath is a visual indicator that the holidays are here and they’re not just for the front door. Creating your own is easy to do with a little bit of guidance from an online tutorial or two. They can be made a variety of ways including using ornaments, ribbons and cuttings from an evergreen. Hang them outside, or on closet or bathroom doors.

Card and gift wrapping station

Designate a spot in your home for the holiday cards you’ll be sending out. Put together a small tray with blank cards, stamps, pens and a notepad for writing down gift ideas. Displaying the cards you receive is a free way to decorate and get in the holiday spirit. If there’s extra room here, also consider putting together a gift wrapping station, equipped with scissors, tape and gift wrap of your choice.

Homemade pillow covers

Swapping out the throw pillows on your couch every season gets expensive. A trip to your local fabric store is a great alternative. Pillow covers are surprisingly simple to make, and you can store different covers more easily than full pillows. Focus on common areas in the home for the most impact, and accent your chosen theme with a fun design.

Kids’ crafts

Children love the holidays and are often eager to help spread the cheer. Popcorn garlands are a fun activity for them, and once completed, can be used to trim the tree. Kids also enjoy crafting with tissue paper—tissue wreaths and even tissue stained glass are inexpensive and kid-friendly ways to brighten up your home.

Repurposing what you have and thinking outside the big box stores makes for decorations that save your money while showing your personality. You’ll be able to enjoy a holiday look for your home that you can truly call your own, which is a feeling money can’t buy.

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Summer Fanous

Summer Fanous is an international freelance writer specializing in real estate, health and lifestyle content. A graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, she enjoys traveling and crafting in her spare time.

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